Sayed Shuhada Committee Runs Campaign to Rescue Yemeni Children

In compliance to the instructions of Grand Shia Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi to provide medical and hygienic services to needy, Sayed Shuhada Committee, a Cultural and Relief Center based in Kuwait, launched a campaign to rescue Yemeni children from the plagues of the ongoing war in this country. The campaign which was named after the six-month old baby of Imam Hussain peace be upon him Abdullah Radi (Abdullah the Infant), ships medical equipment and medications to Yemen. Owing it to the activities of Sayed Shuhada Committee, three main hospitals in Sanaa, the Capital of Yemen received equipment such as incubators, infusion pumps, Nebulizer machines, and some special medicines. Furthermore, the Abdullah Radi Campaign mediated a donation by a hospital in Kuwait to hospitals in Yemen. These donations mostly consisted of different types of blood, platelet collections, blood components separators, suction machines, biometric monitor device, syringe pump device, infusion pumping device, and syringes that are used for chemotherapy.