102nd Anniversary of Mirza Mohammad Taqi Shirazi on 13th of Dhil Hijjah

Grand Ayatollah Mirza Mohammad Taqi Shirazi, the paternal uncle of the Grand Jurist Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq Shirazi passed away on 13th of Dhil Hijjah in 102 years ago in holy Karbala, Iraq. The great contemporary Shia scholar took the helm of Shia leadership, following the passing of Sayed Mohammad Kadhim Tabatabaei Yazdi, in a very critical and troubled era. He offered many great services to the Shia community, one of which was to form a strong resistance against the British colonizers, a movement which later became famous as the 1920 revolution. The brief, yet influential verdict by the great Ayatollah united the Iraqi nation against the British invaders and conceded a heavy a blow on the ranks of the enemy. Finally, Mirza Mohammad Taqi Shirazi, after a lifetime of unyielding resistance against invaders, passed away and was buried at the holy shrine of Imam Hussain (peace be upon him). The annual memorial of this great scholar is a reminder of the great sacrifices of Iraqis against British colonialism and their resistance.