Imam Shirazi Center Insists on Tolerance in the Arab Community

Imam Shirazi Center made a statement on the subject of “Tolerance in the Arab Community, from Theory to Practice” at Annaba Weekly Conferences in holy Karbala. The conference hosted groups of researchers, legal experts, academics, and members of the press. Mohammad Ala Safi, a researcher at Annaba Center opened the conference by these remarks:

“Tolerance is having respect for everyone. Cultural diversity, human qualities, and dignity are also appreciated greatly in this approach. In addition, tolerance requires an intellectual readiness to appreciate opinions that are not agreeable to us.”

Sheikh Morteza Maash, the head of Annaba conferences also commented on the subject of this event and said:

“Tolerance is not limited to series of moral codes and it has some social and political aspects to it as well. Unfortunately, the Arab communities disregard tolerance and thus, they give space to radical and exclusionary groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda to grow. These groups have denounced and terrorized all people holding different opinions for a long time.” “The Arab spring was the result of sweeping violence in the Arab community. It should be noticed that violence creates an uneven balance of power, corruption, chaos, and eventually the disintegration of society. All these phenomena, in one way or another, lead to the eradication of tolerance and coherence between different groups of  society.”