Activities by Shia Societies Association in Holy Najaf Iraq

Members of the Shia Societies Association, dependent to Imam Shirazi Foundation in holy Karbala visited the Grand Jurist’s Office in holy Najaf. During this visit, the members of the Association met with Sayed Ataullah Hussaini, the director of the Grand Jurist’s Office and discussed the programs provided by this office on the holy Eid Al-Ghadir. Meetings with Sayed Jafar Qazwini, a famous Iraqi speaker, was another part of the activities by the Shia Societies Association. In this meeting, the discussions were focused on combating black propaganda against Islam. It is worth noting that the members of this Association also participated in birthday celebrations of Imam Hadi (peace be upon him) which was held at Amir al-Momenin Institute and Sedeeqa Tahera Center.