Freemuslim Association Calls for More Charity Work in the Muslim World

Freemuslim Association, dependent to Grand Shia Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi published a statement, calling for more charitable programs in the Muslim world. Here comes this statement:

“Cohesive and communal action has been the core mission of many messengers in the entire history. In other words, progress and advancement is only possible through communal and joint actions of all segments of the society and thus, to realize universal peace and stability, we need to involve all nations to active participate in their societies. In the meantime, past experiences have proven that charitable programs can be an important element in creating social justice and eradicating poverty.

The United Nations has also pinpointed the importance of charitable programs, as an important means to combat poverty and the stark imbalance of welfare in our world. The UN has also put forth roadmaps to bring together and involve small companies, corporations and multi-national organizations in humanitarian and charitable programs. What is worth noting is that the need for increased efforts on humanitarian works is felt more than ever in the Muslim world. Therefore, Freemuslim calls on all Muslim world leaders to use humanitarian and charitable programs as a means to eradicate poverty and improve the economy of Muslim nations.”