Grand Ayatollah Shirazi Hosts Dutch Writer and Researcher

On Saturday, Muharram 14th, the Grand Shia Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi hosted Mr. Robert Van Lanschot, a journalist, researcher and writer from Netherlands, who asked some questions regarding the book he is currently working on, under the title of “Relics of the Prophet of Islam.”

During this meeting, the Grand Jurist hinted:

“Mantles, teeth, hair bundles and other items remaining from the Prophet of Islam have only historical values; on the other side, what relates to the holy Prophet the most are his legacies and traditions. If humanity comes to know about the traditions of the Prophet of Islam, they will embrace his message and apply it in their lives; and then, we will experience a prosperous world that is rid of all injustice and oppression.”

The Grand Ayatollah then hinted:

“These lofty policies are not implemented in any parts of our world today. And therefore, each and every person who is aware of these revolutionary policies, has the responsibility to spread them to the entire world and help rid the world of its numerous struggles and problems.”

It is worth noting that Mr. Robert Van Lanschot also met with the Grand Jurist’s son, Sayed Hussain Shirazi.