Imam Shirazi World Foundation Publishes Statement on International Day of Democracy

Imam Shirazi World Foundation published a statement coinciding with the International Day of Democracy on September 15, 2019. Here come some parts of this statement:

Democracy is a universal principle, which is sanctioned by all religions and logic in all parts of the world. However, for democracy to be established, we need to realize peaceful coexistence, stability and social security in advance. In the long run of history, many autocratic and dictatorial regimes have gone to great lengths to deprive their people of democracy, through measures that have caused loss of life, destruction, violation of rights and backwardness on all grounds.

On this international occasion, Imam Shirazi World Foundation calls on all Arab and Muslim world leaders to embrace freedom and the democratic values in their countries and allow their nations to prosper by their collective contribution to their countries’ advancement and progress. In due course, it is necessary for all governments to give high value to freedom of press, freedom of expression, the freedom to protest, and peaceful coexistence.

Further, Imam Shirazi World Foundation insists that all Muslim governments, especially the gulf countries, set free the large number of prisoners of conscience and dissidents, so that their nations be united in their path towards freedom and progress.