Obstacles Hinders Formation of Government in Iraq

Al-Mostaqbal Center, dependent to Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in holy Karbala held a conference under the title of “Social Obstacles of Forming a Government in Iraq.” The conference hosted groups of academics, legal experts, media activists and activists. The conference began with a paper presented by Dr. Salim Qata, which said: “The incidents that took place after 2003 and the remaining footprints of dictatorial regime of Iraq have left the Iraqi nation with many social obstacles and problems. These problems have undermined the security and stability of Iraq on all areas of politics, sociology, and economy and have endangered the future and prospects of our country.” Sheikh Murteza Maash, the director of Annaba conference also hinted: “The political reformations have been superficial and they didn’t tend to the depth of our current problems. Much of the vile practices in the previous dictatorial regime are now presented under the disguise of democracy and this is dangerous. What we need to do, is not just to fight dictators and their regimes, but also we have to set free our people from the dictatorial thoughts and ideas.”