Nonviolence Incorporation Insists Our World Needs Peace Makers

Coinciding with the International Day of Peace on September 21, Nonviolence Incorporation published the following statement:

“The international community celebrates the World Day of Peace each year on September 21 as the world confronts countless threats and conflicts. It is for many decades that the rising tensions and political rivalries, as well as ignorance and total disregard for universal peace have endangered humanity.

Failed efforts to restrain tensions and conflicts, particularly in the Middle East have triggered deadly and destructive wars in the region and across the world. The wrongful policies of governments, instability, insecurity and violation of human rights have also contributed greatly to the current disastrous situation.

In addition, the failed policies of governments and world powers on all areas, most notably on environmental grounds have led to the disastrous situation in which the future of life on our planet is seriously jeopardized. Forced immigration, the melting of icebergs in the arctic, deforestation, global warming, and the collapse of economies around the world are only some of the consequences of these wrongful policies. To stop and reverse this trend, the entire world must unite and put forth strategies, agreements and plans to ensure all governments abide by series of necessary obligations.

At the end, Nonviolence Incorporation calls on all peace seekers around the world to celebrate the International Day of Peace, by their efforts to stop the acts of destruction, war and bloodshed on our planet.”