Members of Qassem Community from Iraq Meet Grand Ayatollah Shirazi

A group of Qassem Community (peace be upon him) from Babylon Iraq visited the Grand Shia Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi during their visit to the holy City of Qom in Iran.

During this meeting, his eminence stated:

“God’s help descends on people, proportionate to their willpower and hard work. We all are God’s servants and we need to resort to God in all our lives. We should dedicate all our efforts to the service of God and the holy AhlulBayt.”

The Grand Ayatollah further explained:

“All managers of pilgrim serving units (Mawakeb) should notice that Imam Hussain and his memorials lead people to holy AhlulBayt and Almighty God. Therefore, it is a great honor to serve these memorials and it is worth every bit of efforts and hardships you might come across in this path.”

Almighty God says in holy Quran:

“They have degrees before Almighty God.”

[Chapter 3, Verse 163]

“The more hardships and difficulties you face for the sake of Imam Hussain (peace be upon him), the more you will be blessed by divine rewards and bounties in the afterlife. There are traditions which imply that there are 6666 degrees in paradise, which is equal to the exact number of verses in holy Quran.” At the end of this meeting, the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi said: “I ask of almighty God to help you continue serving the cause of Imam Hussain (peace be upon him) and don’t give up to hardships and difficulties. Hopefully, God will grant this honor to your children as well.”