Activities by Sayed Ahmed Shirazi in Holy Karbala Iraq

Sayed Ahmed Shirazi, the son of Grand Shia Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi continues to visit religious centers and Mawakib, in his trip to the holy City of Karbala, during Arbaeen pilgrimage. In recent days, the Grand Jurist’s son met with the religious experts at Tollab Mawkib at Bin Fahad Hilli Seminary. In this meeting, these religious experts welcomed the Grand Jurist’s son and listened to statements by this scholar. Furthermore, Sayed Ahmed Shirazi visited the Temporary Office of Grand Jurist and learned about the daily activities of this center. Meetings with Sayed Aref Nasrullah, the PR manager of Grand Jurist was another part of the activities of the Grand Jurist’s son. The propagation of the culture of AhlulBayt (peace be upon them) was stressed in these meetings. It is worth noting that Sayed Jafar Shirazi, the son of the Grand Jurist, Sayed Mohammad Ali Shirazi, son of late Grand Jurist, and Sayed Mostafa Shirazi, son of Ayatollah Sayed Mojtaba Shirazi were also accompanying Sayed Ahmed Shirazi in these visits. The Mawakib of Qasrul Zahra, Shibab Sadiqiya, and AhlulBayt’s servants were also visited by this delegation.