Imam Shirazi World Foundation Raises the Issue of Housing in Muslim Countries

With just a few days from the birthday of the holy Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) Imam Shirazi World Foundation published a statement that reads as follows:

“It is now for years that Imam Shirazi World Foundation continues to study the problems and issues of the Muslim world from close; after all these years, this foundation has come to believe that the major problem in Arab and Muslim countries roots in governments’ full possession of land plots. The governments’ ownership of all free lands has made it almost impossible for people to contribute to their countries’ economy and agriculture. Therefore, Imam Shirazi World Foundation calls on all Muslim and Arab governments to devise strategies in order to disown these free land plots so that all entrepreneurs and motivated people can begin to build their dreams and contribute to their countries’ progress. Such strategies are in line with the policies of the holy Prophet of Islam, who allowed for people to own any piece of land that they worked on. His holiness, in a famous saying, stated: “All land plots only belong to God and the people who cultivate them.” This foundation also requests the Muslim economists to offer their plans and strategies to implement this brilliant policy of the holy Prophet in our modern world. At the end, Imam Shirazi World Foundation thanks the Great Islamic Jurist Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq Shirazi, for his illuminating remarks about the history and the policies of the holy Prophet of Islam.”