Religious Activists from Holy Karbala Meet with Grand Ayatollah Shirazi

On Wednesday, Muharram 23rd, a group of religious activists and members of pilgrim serving stations in holy Karbala, visited the Grand Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi at his central office during their pilgrimage trip to the sacred sites in Iran.

In this meeting, the Grand Jurist elaborated on the high status of AhlulBayt and Imam Hussain and said:

“Serving the AhlulBayt and Imam Hussain is a lasting treasure; no matter how many difficulties you face, this treasure will be yours.”

Further, the Grand Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi talked about many regimes showing animosity towards the rituals and tragedy of Imam Hussain in Ashura, particularly during the first Pahlavi in Iran and the Baath regime in Iraq. 
His eminence said:

“In the past, the Iranian and Iraqi regimes, as well as many other governments in the world strictly opposed the legacy of Ashura and Imam Hussain’s commemorations. However today, after all those years, we can see the commemorations of Imam Hussain are more glorious than ever before.”

The Grand Ayatollah Shirazi then underscored the Arbaeen pilgrimage and said:

“The Arbaeen pilgrimage must be held more glorious each and every year. In this regard, it is so unsettling to see that pilgrims of Imam Hussain need to present visas to join this great pilgrimage.”

At the end of his remarks, the Grand Jurist prayed for the success of all servants of Imam Hussain (peace be upon him).

In this meeting, the religious activists from holy Karbala offered a banner, which used to be installed in the shrine of Saint Abbas to the Grand Jurist.