Al-Furat Center Holds Conference in Holy Karbala Iraq

Al-Furat Center for Strategic Studies, affiliated to the Office of Grand Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi held a conference in holy Karbala to discuss “the consequences of economic instability” in Iraq. The conference hosted a variety of academics, law experts and members of the press. Mr. Hamed Abdol Hussein Jabouri, who was the keynote speaker of the panel, insisted that management can only be effective, if it follows a systematic approach. Furthermore, he added that the consequences of economic instability, such as unemployment, the sluggish economic growth, the decline of foreign exchange reserves, inflation and the increase of foreign debts are heavy blows to the Iraqi society. It is worth noting that this conference was attended by Dr. Sayed Haidar Hussein Ale Toma, an economist at Karbala University and Dr. Qahtan Husseini, a researcher at Al-Mostaqbal Center, as well as Dr. Ehab Ali al-Nawab, an instructor at AhlulBayt Foundation, Ahmed Juwaid, legal expert, Ali Hussein Abeed, writer at Adam Center, Dr. Khaled Al-Ardawi, director of Al-Furat Center and Adnan Al-Salehi, the director of Al-Mostaqbal Center.