Imam Shirazi Center Holds Conference on Youths’ Problems

Imam Shirazi Center for Strategic Studies specified its weekly conference to the topic of “A study into the manipulation of Iraqi youths during the skirmishes of the late 2019.” This conference was attended by groups of academics, legal experts, and members of the press. Mohammad Safi, a researcher at Imam Shirazi Center began his remarks by highlighting the important role of the youths and said, “The youth shape up 27 percent of the population and 36 percent of our workforce. It is estimated that 2.2 million youngsters live in the capital, and they don’t receive enough attention and services. In the past decades, thousands of young Iraqis lost their lives to futile wars and conflicts, and thousands of others emigrated to Europe. The sufferings of the Iraqi youths seem to have no end, and the government is apparently not capable of changing this situation. The question that remains, however, is that what will be the future of Iraq like?”