Imam Shirazi World Foundation Writes to G20 Leaders

With the G20 Riyadh Summit coming up, Imam Shirazi World Foundation called on the world leaders to give space to nations and let people contribute to the progress and development of their countries. Parts of this letter read as follows:

“The observers and human rights activists unanimously believe that economy and international trade are important factors that can influence developed and developing countries on all political and social levels. In other words, economic factors determine the stability and instability of many countries. Over the years, the industrial countries, as the world’s economic powers, have also realized their great influence over the smaller and weaker countries. This has led to politicized use of economic power in many cases, even though all observers agree that peace and stability cannot be realized unless by not turning economy into a weapon of intimidation. The divide between the world powers on how to instrumentalize their economic superiority has created more obstacles towards the path of security and prosperity in our world today.”

Imam Shirazi World Foundation also hinted:

“As the world’s most powerful economies prepare to meet at the G20 Riyadh summit in 2020, pressures mount high to stymie plans that guarantee fair and well-distributed progress among all nations. As it is known, the world’s economy has never been flourishing, without the full contribution of all countries, particularly the developing nations. Therefore, Imam Shirazi World Foundation offers its solutions to the world leaders at G20 summit, in the hopes of witnessing stability, peace and harmony in the entire world. These solutions address topics such as political reformation, human rights policies, and the fair distribution of wealth among all people.”