Nonviolence Incorporation Publishes Statement on Human Rights Day

Nonviolence Incorporation published a statement on Human Rights Day, coinciding with December 10, 2019. Here come some parts of this statement:

“Each year on December 10, the entire world celebrates Human Rights Day, which is a unanimous call by all political, human rights and religious organizations to end the human rights violations and uphold the universal ethical principles. Despite this universal agreement on the issue of human rights, there are still many complaints about human rights being used as a ploy for certain political advantages. With no shreds of doubt, these practices have resulted in the suffering of people and nations all around the world.”

The rest of the statement reads: “Unfortunately, countless reports point to the fact that some countries, which were among the founders of the human rights convention have chosen to overlook their responsibilities and turn a blind eye to the violation of human rights by dictatorial and tyrannical regimes. On the other hand, the world has witnessed that human rights violations have been used frequently as a ploy to impose pressures on certain countries, merely for political gains. Therefore, Nonviolence Incorporation calls on the international community and the human rights council to end this dangerous trend, and do not let human rights be instrumentalized as a weapon for politics.”