Imam Shirazi World Foundation Calls for Suspension of Visa for Arbaeen Pilgrimage

With the approach of Arbaeen Annual Pilgrimage, Imam Shirazi World Foundation, headquartered in Washington DC, requested the Iraqi government to revoke visa requirements for pilgrims from other countries.

In this regard, Sheikh Mohammad Taqi Zakeri, the director of Imam Shirazi World Foundation stated:
‘This foundation has sent a letter to Iraq’s prime minister, demanding the suspension of visa requirements for people who want to participate in Arbaeen pilgrimage.’

He then said: 
‘The Iraqi government must notice the lucrative industry of religious tourism and its positive impacts on the country’s economy. Religious tourism can create jobs, improve life standards of Iraqis and remedy the ill of unemployment. ‘There are many countries around the world that have special plans for religious tourism.’ He then added: ‘This is the reason that governments lift visa expenses for pilgrims to boost religious tourism in their countries.’

Sheikh Mohammad Taqi Zakeri, at the end of his remarks, asked the Iraqi officials to contribute to the glorious Arbaeen pilgrimage and boost the country’s tourism by suspending visa requirements for pilgrims of Imam Hussain (Peace be upon him).