Nonviolence Incorporation Condemns Mogadishu Bombing

Nonviolence Incorporation published a statement to condemn the suicide bombing attack in Mogadishu, the Capital of Somalia on December 31, 2019. Some parts of this statement read: “Nonviolence Incorporation vehemently condemns the brutal terrorist attack that left 85 civilians and some university students killed in the capital of Somalia. The attack took place during the rush hour in a busy intersection in Mogadishu. In the wake of this attack, Nonviolence Incorporation calls on the international community to assist the Somalian government, in its fight against terrorism and radicalism. Furthermore, this human rights organization insisted that collective efforts should be made in order to uproot radicalism in all parts of the world. Somalia has been struggling with the threat of terrorism for many years. This country has lost so many lives to the brutal acts of terror and its development and progress has been barricaded by insecurity and instability.” At the end, Nonviolence Incorporation prayed for the victims of this attack.