Nonviolence Incorporation Releases Statement to Davos 2020

In just a few days ahead of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Nonviolence Incorporation, dependent on Imam Shirazi World Foundation released a statement that reads as follows:

“The World Economic Forum in Davos is shadowed by tensions and conflicts that threaten the security and stability of the world we live in. Unfortunately, the aggravation of the existing crises is also owed to the unaccountable actions of certain governments that have chosen to deny the destructive consequences of their policies and actions. As a result, the wars and bloodshed, political strife, and the collapse of weak economies have only added to the stark imbalance in the distribution of wealth all around the world. The growing army of undereducated people, as well as the unemployed and marginalized people have put the world to a great test, in which human rights and equality are in serious danger. Despite constant warnings issued by Nonviolence Incorporation and other human rights organizations, the world sees itself on the verge of chaos and turmoil, as environmental issues, poverty, and suppressive regimes remain unaddressed. Consequently, Nonviolence Incorporation grasps this opportunity to call on the world leaders to join hands and address these issues in an attentive and comprehensive manner.”