Nonviolence Incorporation Calls for End of Armed Conflicts in Syria

Nonviolence Incorporation released a statement, calling for an end to the armed conflicts and tensions in Syria. Here come some parts of this statement:

“Nonviolence Incorporation has obtained credible documents that uncover the pain and suffering of the Syrian people. Therefore, it is necessary for the United Nations to intervene and resolve the armed conflicts and tensions in this country. It is reported that 892 Syrians have been killed in the Syrian-Turkish borders. The transgression of all international laws and regulations, that were supposed to protect the lives of innocents in a time of war, has created a precarious and threatening situation in Syria. In the light of this situation, Nonviolence Incorporation calls on all parties of the conflicts, to stop fighting and resolve their disputes through negotiations and the ballot box. At the end, this human rights organization called on all world leaders to help these wars end and make sure that the international laws, such as the Geneva convention are being observed by all parties of the war.”