Ayatollah Shirazi Center in Holy Karbala Holds Conference

Ayatollah Shirazi Center for Strategic Studies in holy Karbala held a conference under the title of “Imam Hussain and lessons from Ashura.” This conference hosted a panel of legal experts, academics and media activists.

Sheikh Morteza Maash, the director of Annaba Institute was one of the speakers at this conference. In his remarks, he said: “We believe that Imam Hussain was trying to continue in the path of his grandfather, the God’s holy messenger of Islam and implement the commands of God.”

“As a result, he initiated a movement to unleash the Muslim society from oppression and dictatorship both on the inside and on the outside. Human societies always struggle for freedom. It is not always a question of power, but it is mostly about a people who have accepted to be enslaved and oppressed.”