Nonviolence Incorporation Request Release of Political Prisoners in Morocco

Nonviolence Incorporation, affiliated to the Grand Shia Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi called for the release of political prisoners in Morocco in a public statement. Parts of this statement read as follows:

“Nonviolence Incorporation is closely monitoring the situation of a number of Moroccan citizens who have been detained by the government’s security forces over the past few months. This organization expresses its deepest concerns over the violation of human rights and freedoms, ingrained in the international laws and regulations. During the wave of arrests, tens of political activists, artists and citizens were detained for political reasons, while the detainees only practiced their right to peaceful protest and expressed their views and comments. According to information obtained by the organization in this regard, those arrested recently have been arrested for their speech activities, meaning they failed to comply with the “King’s due respect”. In addition, charges have been brought against them for disrespecting law enforcement and insulting employees. From the organization’s point of view, the Moroccan authorities need to adhere to the standards of international human rights law, such as the right to peaceful expression, freedom of expression and protest. In this sense, we emphasize the release of all detainees and acquittal of the charges against them and the cancellation of the sentences issued against them, as this is in line with human rights laws and standards.”