Iraqi Pilgrimage Caravans Visit Shrine of Lady Zainab Peace Be Upon Her in Damascus

Wila Wal-Fida Pilgrimage Caravan, under the supervision of Sayed Aref Nasrullah, the PR manager of Grand Shia Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi set off on a journey from Iraq to Syria, in a bid to visit the shrine of Lady Zainab and Lady Roqaya (peace be upon them). It is worth noting that even years of terrorist attacks by Takfiri groups could not stop Wila Wal-Fida pilgrimage caravan to visit the shrine of Lady Zainab (peace be upon her) in Damascus. This pilgrimage is organized by the PR Office of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi each year, in order to commemorate the martyrdom of Lady Zainab and the birthday anniversary of Imam Ali (peace be upon them).