Nonviolence Incorporation Expresses Worries over the Treatment of the Dissidents in Ethiopia

Following the execution of tens of political dissidents in Ethiopia, Nonviolence Incorporation published a statement to express its deepest worries over the violation of human rights and freedom of speech in this country. Some parts of the statement by this organization read as follows: “Nonviolence Incorporation strongly condemns the execution of dozens of dissidents affiliated with some political currents in Ethiopia, which undermine the human rights in this country. According to information obtained by the organization, the Ethiopian government has recently executed 39 people without a fair trial, a crime that clearly violates all rules of war and human rights standards. Therefore, the organization calls on the United Nations to conduct transparent investigations into this crime and dispel the suspicions of this crime and other cases that may have occurred, regardless of whether the crime was committed by the official forces or by the opposition. At the same time, the Ethiopian government is urged to adhere to and respect human rights standards.