Nonviolence Incorporation Urges US Leaders to Combat Racism

Nonviolence Incorporation affiliated with Imam Shirazi World Foundation, issued a statement following the racist and deadly incidents of police brutality against black people, particularly in the recent case of George Floyd.
The statement said: “Despite guaranteed freedoms and democracy in the US system, class differences and racial discrimination continue to be the most obvious and most common systematic flaw in the United States, as it was displayed by some US police officers during the death of George Floyd.
The tragic death of the man by the US police is a repetition of similar incidents that has been shown since the establishment of the United States. This behavior and its consequences are provoking hatred among the majority of the American people.
Nonviolence Incorporation reminds the US government of the urgent need to make effective and useful decisions to prevent racist behavior by individuals and groups and official currents. Controlling these behaviors is possible only by enacting restrictive and effective laws that can equally and consistently protect against discrimination, fairly protect human rights, and also respects the differences between races or followers of different religion that do not discriminate.
The organization notes that racial discrimination against black citizens of the United States requires serious policymaking; since the members of this stratum of society have been and continue to be discriminated against for centuries, and unfortunately they have paid a heavy price for it, which began with their enslavement and continued with their marginalization, and, of course, the situation with which this layer of American society is involved, that is, racial discrimination, continues.