Nonviolence Incorporation Warns of Crackdowns by Turkish Government

Following ruthless crackdowns against political dissidents by the Turkish government, Nonviolence Incorporation, affiliated with Imam Shirazi World Foundation published a statement that reads as follows:

“Nonviolence Incorporation (Free Muslims) expresses its deep concern over the Turkish government’s crackdown on dissidents and warns of the negative and dangerous consequences for the security and well-being of the Turkish society. The statement said that 149 former and current members of the Turkish security forces have been arrested on the orders of the Turkish government on charges of having links to the failed coup that took place in 2016. The organization believes that the Turkish government’s insistence on a policy of repression and torture of dissidents, as well as retaliation, will certainly contribute to and exacerbate political crises and destabilize national security in the country. Therefore, this organization calls on the Turkish government to reconsider its current interaction with the opposition and to replace it with democratic and civil actions. Nonviolence further requests the Turkish authorities to respect different views and freedom of speech and to avoid any use of fear, intimidation and tyranny. The Turkish government is expected to put forth an inclusive policy on all domestic and foreign policy matters.”