Nonviolence Incorporation Expresses Worries on the Current Humanitarian Situation in Yemen

Nonviolence Incorporation published a statement addressing the current on ongoing humanitarian crisis in Yemen, it stated:

‘Years have passed and war and bloodshed continue to tear through the nation of Yemen, with no apertures of hope to see the end of this cycle of hate and destruction. In the light of these incidents, the international community and the UN have chosen to turn a blind eye to the catastrophe that is ongoing in Yemen. Starvation, privation, and the shortage of food and medical equipment have led to the death of thousands of Yemenis. Countless number of women, children, the elderly, and the lower classes of the society have fallen victim to the endless cycle of war and bloodshed in this country, where famine, fatal diseases, alongside bullets and bombs have killed many and left more in despair. The coronavirus pandemic has also added to the sufferings of the Yemeni nation, who lack any access to proper medical care or equipment. In this situation, the international community is obligated to play a constructive role and assist the people of Yemen in this time of crisis.’ Furthermore, the statement reads: ‘Nonviolence Incorporation requests all world leaders to join efforts and end the destructive war in Yemen, and subsequently, prepare grounds for medical and humanitarian teams to reach out to the deprived and vulnerable Yemeni people. In addition, Nonviolence Incorporation calls on the warring parties in Yemen to replace dialogue and negotiations with conflict, which has only brought about loss of life and damages to the country’s infrastructure. The release of all prisoners of conscience and war is a gesture of good will, so as to open the gates for dialogue and discourse. At the end, Nonviolence Incorporation urges the Saudi officials to put the interests of Yemeni people ahead of their political gains, in a bid to open a chapter of peace and coherence between the two countries of Saudi Arabia and Yemen.