Darul Ulum Center Publishes Collection of Lectures by Grand Ayatollah Shirazi

“The Revival of Ashura” is the name of the latest book, published by Darul Ulum Publishing Center in the Lebanese capital, Beirut. In 327 pages, the revival of Ashura was firstly published in 1435 AH, and is now republished in 1441 AH, to study series of lectures by the Grand Shia Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi with respect to the Ashura tragedy and its related rituals. Lessons from the Ashura tragedy, the role of Imam Husayn (peace be upon him) in reviving Islam, Imam Husayn the only exception of universe, Ashura and the endless trial, and globalization of Imam Husayn’s rituals were among the topics discussed at this book.