Imam Shirazi World Foundation Publishes Statement on the Anniversary of 1920 Uprising

Imam Shirazi World Foundation published the following statement on the 100th anniversary of the glorious uprising of the Iraqi nation against the British invaders in 1920. Some parts of this statement read as follows:

The proud nation of Iraq celebrates an important event in its contemporary history; the 100th anniversary of the glorious uprising of 1920, in which the Iraqi nation stood up to the British invaders. The British had infiltrated the Iraqi society three years before this nationwide uprising in 1917, but the Iraqis did not bow down to the British colonizers, and revolted against them, under the leadership of the late Grand Ayatollah Mirza Mohammad Taqi Shirazi.

The uprising of the Iraqi nation against the British invaders marks an important epoch in Iraq’s history, which reminds people of the many lessons it entailed and the role it played in forming future leaps towards progress in Iraq. Beyond all of this, this uprising marks the will of a nation for defending its dignity and honor, against the world’s most formidable colonial power.

This uprising against foreign invaders resembled the hope of a nation to realize the genuine and glorious Islamic government of the holy Prophet of Islam and Imam Ali (peace be upon them) in which everyone’s dignity, rights, security and health are revered and respected.

Over the past one hundred years, many countries around the world and in the region have aggravated the sufferings of the Iraqi nation, undermining this nation’s strong will to move towards a better future. Even the sacrifices of the Iraqi people did not seem enough to set free this nation from the claws of dictatorship, suppression, and terrorism.

The Grand Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq Shirazi has also described the historic 1920 uprising in these following words: “The 1920 uprising is trivial compared to the selfless acts of sacrifice by the Iraqi people in recent decades.”

His eminence further said: “So much has been done to honor the 1920 uprising of Iraqi people, but this uprising is trivial in comparison to the sacrifices people have made in the recent decades.”

Imam Shirazi World Foundation calls on the brave nation of Iraq to adhere to the character and methods of the Ahlul AlBayt (peace be upon them). It also stresses the need for the honorable people of Iraq to work together, shoulder to shoulder, in order to alleviate the calamity and evil that has befallen this nation, and to protect their country from corruption. In addition, this foundation requests the Iraqi intellectuals to help the current Iraq, steer clear away from the challenges it faces.