Statement by Nonviolence Incorporation on Children’s Day

Nonviolence Incorporation, FreeMuslim Association, dependent to Grand Ayatollah Shirazi released a statement on November 20, marking the World Children’s Day. Parts of the statement comes as follow:

November 20 was marked the World Children’s Day as a means to create a universal resolution to promote the life standards of children and increase their state of welfare all around the world. On this occasion, the Nonviolence Incorporation requests the United Nations and all other human rights foundations to hold accountable the governments that disregard the rights of children; this is while that many governments have failed to observe the rights of children.

Further this statement reads: “Issues such as child labor or the death of children due to communal violence, or due to the ongoing wars and conflicts in Libya, Yemen, and Syria also emphasize the need for saving children even more than before. Therefore, the Nonviolence Incorporation demands the international community to be vigilant of the children’s rights and take measures to end the wars in Yemen and other countries.”