Nonviolence Incorporation Sends Condolences over Beirut Port Blast

Following the deadly blast in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, Nonviolence Incorporation published a statement that reads as follows:

The Lebanese Capital, Beirut was hit by a huge and deadly explosion, which left scores of people dead and thousands of others wounded. At the moment, a large portion of the country’s capital is destroyed and many people have been displaced from their destroyed or damaged homes. Nonviolence Incorporation offers its heartfelt sympathies and condolences to the Lebanese nation and prays for the country to regain its peace, pride and power. Furthermore, Nonviolence Incorporation requests the international community and humanitarian organizations to rush to the help of the victims of this deadly blast, and provide them with their health and medical needs, as well as food and other humanitarian aids. At the end, Nonviolence Incorporation prays for the victims of the explosion to be embraced by God’s vast mercy, and wishes the proud nation of Lebanon to restore their solidarity and power in soon future.