Annaba Institute Participates in Conference in Holy Karbala Iraq

On August 6th, Sheikh Morteza Maash, the director of Annaba Cultural and Media Institute was invited to speak at a conference in holy Karbala, under the title of “A passage toward public awareness and awakening”.

In his speech, Sheikh Maash illuminated on some parts of the holy Quran and the traditions of the AhlulBayt (peace be upon them) which focused on the concept of collective progress and advancement in societies. He further talked about the significance of cooperation and collective work, as a means to visualize a developed society that lives up to the Quranic definitions of progress and advancement. To support his ideas, Sheikh Maash mentioned verse 110, chapter 3 of the holy Quran, in which almighty God says: “You are the best nation ever to be brought forth for people. You order honor and forbid dishonor, and you believe in Allah.”

“The Islamic scriptures are great treasures that can show up the way to prosperity and success on all social and individual grounds.” Sheikh Maash added. He then emphasized that all members of the society need to work collectively, to bid good and forbid evil in their own right. However, for this great understanding to be established in any society, a cultural awakening and awareness is strongly required.