“Future World” Written by Late Grand Ayatollah Shirazi Now Available on Amazon

The precious book, “Future World”, which is a revision of the famous book written by the late Grand Ayatollah Sayed Mohammad Shirazi previously published under the title of “A formula of faith, freedom, welfare and peace”, is now available on Amazon. The Future World is collected, revised and republished by Annaba Cultural and Media Institute, affiliated to the Grand Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq Shirazi in Holy Karbala. This book presents a well-established and coherent theory of guidance, which is developed by the great Islamic thinker, the late Grand Ayatollah Sayed Mohammad Shirazi. His eminence, with his exceptional prowess in Islamic fiqh, beliefs, and ethics tries to illuminate on the root cause for the crises in our world today, and redefines the concept of a civilized human being in modern times.