Nonviolence Inc. Condemns Detainment of Peaceful Protestors in Egypt

Nonviolence Incorporation, Free Muslim Association, released a statement to condemn the detainment of peaceful protestors by the Egyptian government. Here come some parts of the statement:

“We have received information that the Egyptian government has detained groups of peaceful protestors, among whom were women, in opposition to human rights laws and the freedom of speech. The Nonviolence Incorporation strongly requests the Egyptian government to stop their crackdowns on these protestors and engage positively with their demands.

According to reports, the Egyptian government has detained as many as 40 civil rights activists and lawyers over the past week. As of now, we have no news of their whereabouts.”

This statement further adds:

“The Nonviolence Incorporation believes that the Egyptian government’s role in marginalizing and discarding dialogue in dealing with political and security problems is a great concern with respect to the legal management of the affairs of the country, and a real threat to the country’s socioeconomic security and stability as well as its human rights obligations.”

“Therefore, the Nonviolence Incorporation demands the Egyptian government to release all political prisoners in this country and engage in positive and peaceful discourse with its dissidents.”