Shia Rights Watch Publishes Message on Arrival of Muharram 2020.

On the eve of Muharram 1442, Shia Rights Watch issued a message that reads as follows:

“The Muslim nation welcomes the new lunar year and the month of Muharram in exceptional circumstances; a situation that requires all-out efforts and solidarity to perform the Ashura rites as in previous years, taking into account the pandemic of Covid-19 that has spread all over the world. Islamic and non-Islamic countries are well aware that the month of Muharram, especially the period of its first ten days, is associated with special ceremonies for Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) and Ashura rituals, which Shia Muslims have been holding for a long time until today. Moreover, these ceremonies and rituals have always had the most interaction with the souls and hearts of the believers. In other words, Shiite Muslims throughout history and under no circumstances have stopped performing these rituals and commemorating the bloody tragedy of the martyrdom of the grandson of the Prophet of God, Imam Hussein (peace be upon him); because keeping it alive is considered the duty of every Muslim man and woman. Therefore, Shia Rights Watch Organization calls on the governments of Islamic and non-Islamic countries to provide suitable space and conditions for the Shia Muslims to revive the Husseini and Ashura rituals during the holy month of Muharram, and to provide all the health needs so that they can perform this ceremony in the best way possible. Another demand of this organization is that the participants in this ceremony pay full attention to the health warnings and instructions so that no one is harmed by this dangerous disease. May God Almighty protect Muslims from all calamities, diseases and evils.