Freemuslim Association Publishes Statement on International Day of Democracy

Coinciding with the International Day of Democracy on September 15th, Nonviolence Incorporation (Free Muslim) issued a statement, part of which is as follows:

All human societies see democracy as a tool and strategy that guarantees social justice, equality, freedom of expression and freedom of protest. The majority of people believe that through democracy, righteous people are placed in the position of managing the affairs of the nation. Therefore, the world celebrates September 15 to spread and institutionalize democracy in all corners of the world; since experience has shown that the lack of democracy among nations has led to the complete destruction and regression of human beings.

Individual sovereignty and tyranny and the refusal to allow others in joining the decision-making process has become a cause of national uprisings and revolts and a way to enslave individuals and rob them of their material and intellectual rights.

The 15th of September, which has been collectively named the Day of Democracy, comes at a time when most nations, especially in the developed world, are suffering from the tyranny of authoritarian rulers. Despite the cultural, civic and human developments that have taken place in various fields of science, technology and lifestyle, we see that the world is facing the harshness of arrogance, repression and unlimited violence, as it has killed, arrested and displaced thousands of innocent civilians and marginalized millions of others.

The remarkable thing is that the big democratic countries have long ignored and tyrannical regimes because of their political and economic interests. In this sense, there is no law or slogan to prevent these violations, especially those of which are supported by the western powers. In our so-called civilized world, there are thousands of social activists, human rights activists, journalists and protesters spending their time in prisons.

The current situation is due to the fact that the international community has chosen not to punish and persecute these tyrannical regimes. Thus, international law is recklessly violated, and countries and governments that violate the laws are indifferent to the human consequences and legal objections that are created.

As stated, the Nonviolence Incorporation calls on all governmental and non-governmental human rights organizations around the world to take action and stop the blatant actions of repressive regimes. The great powers, on the other hand, are enslaved by their profiteering policies and thus allow for the authoritarian regimes to survive, regardless of the crimes they have committed.

We live in the third millennium and in the thousands of years that we have experienced in history, we have reached good and high levels of awareness and understanding. Meanwhile, many governments have no regards for human rights conventions in some parts of the world, while if there is a serious and firm determination and decision, those conditions can be changed.

It should be noted that all human beings are equal in rights, duties and responsibilities; therefore, a nation should not be considered superior and more honorable, and a nation should not be considered inferior or worthless. Moreover, democracy is the greatest criterion and value for all nations, regardless of race, religion, belief and lifestyle.