Members of Misbah Al-Hussein Foundation Visit Karbala Employment and Social Affairs Department

A delegation from the Misbah al-Hussein Foundation, affiliated with the Office of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in holy Karbala, visited the Department of Labor and Social Affairs in this holy city. The delegation consisted of Mr.Saheb al-Jashmi, director of the Legal Support Center, and Abdul Saheb al-Kashwan, director of the social welfare department at Misbah Al-Hussein Foundation. The director, Adnan al-Amiri, and a group of staff members welcomed the guests. During the meeting, talks were focused on joint cooperation in order to improve the situation of the Iraqi people and to ensure their economic and professional development. Also, within the framework of humanitarian projects by Misbah Al-Hussein Foundation, discussions are taking place and a plan is being prepared in cooperation with the Labor and Social Affairs Office of Karbala and a number of local organizations to help single-parent families learn the needed skills to join the workforce and earn a decent living. During the meeting, a list of all the projects and programs launched by the Misbah al-Hussein Foundation since its establishment, and the extent of its expansion across Iraq were presented. The hosts praised the humanitarian activism by Misbah Al-Hussein Foundation and its working mechanism which ensures the perseverance of the dignity of people. At the end, the director of Labor and Social Affairs of Karbala announced his full readiness to use all capabilities in order to cooperate with Misbah Al-Hussein Foundation and serve the community at various levels.