Nonviolence Incorporation Urges an End to the Ongoing War in Yemen

Coinciding with September 21, the International Day of Peace, Nonviolence Incorporation published a statement that reads as follows:

Almighty God has said in the Quran: “Oh, who you believe. Be obedient to God and do not follow in the footsteps of Satan, he is a clear enemy for you.”

September 21 has been designated by the United Nations as the International Day of Peace, in which the ideals and models of peace are institutionalized in order to avoid violence and replace wars with truce in the short term by ending hostilities and war. For this reason, this day is celebrated all over the world. Thus, Nonviolence Incorporation seizes this opportunity and calls on the parties to the war in Yemen to cease hostilities and agree to a comprehensive ceasefire to pave the way for peace; A serious peace that will remove the pain and suffering of the people of Yemen. As all observers know, the war that has been raging for years has had catastrophic consequences for all classes of Yemeni civil society and for the parties of the war, causing material and spiritual damage to all of them. The International Day of Peace is a valuable opportunity for the Security Council to fulfill its responsibility to end the war and to take the necessary measures to prevent continued bloodshed. Therefore, Nonviolence Incorporation emphasizes the need to prevent the perpetuation of this destructive war and to activate a direct and unconditional discourse based on genuine goodwill and determination to stop the war; in the hopes of providing inclusive solutions to the problems and challenges that exist between the warring parties.