PR Manager of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi Meets Government Authorities in Iraq

Aref Nasrallah, the Public Relations Manager of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi, held his annual meeting with the directors of government departments and organizations in the holy City of Karbala. This meeting was held with the aim of planning and determining the strategies by which better services to Arbaeen pilgrims are ensured. According to a statement issued by the directors of the departments and institutions present at the meeting, they stressed the need to provide the best possible services through full coordination with the Iraqi cabinet. Every year, during the pilgrimage of Arbaeen, the director of the Public Relations Center of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi provides several services to the pilgrims of Imam Husayn (peace be upon him), during a project under the title of “The Great Husayni Program” in cooperation with the government institutions of Karbala province. The Public Relations Center of the Grand Jurist is the liaison between the pilgrims who enter the city from outside Karbala and the centers and government offices that serve the Arbaeen pilgrims. Mr. Seyyed Hashem Al-Musawi, Advisor to the Governor, Mr. Mohammad Fazel Al-Nasrawi, Director of the Water Department, and Mr. Emad Abbas Director of the Karbala Power Department were among the other speakers at the meeting.