Iraqi Officials Announce to Support Misbah Al-Hussein Foundation Project Plan

The project to Eradicate Poverty Among Orphan Families, initiated by Misbah Al-Hussein Foundation for Relief and Development received declaration of support by many Iraqi officials. This project was part of a petition signed by many number of pilgrims, who had come to visit the shrine of Imam Hussein (blessings of God be upon him) during the Arbaeen Walk as well as many Iraqi officials and authorities. Naseef Jasem Alkhatabi, governor of Karbala, Ali Dawai Lazem, governor of Mayson, Dr. Riyadh Al-Masoudi and Hossein Alyaseri, members of the Iraqi parliament, Saif Ghazi Alobeidi, deputy head of the Iraqi Family Association, and Hesham Yousef Hussein, the representative of the Iraqi Kurdish Tribal Command Force were some of those who had signed this petition. This project compels the Iraqi government to assign a budget to support and empower orphaned families in Iraq.