Nonviolence Incorporation Writes Letter to the Leaders of G20 Summit

Nonviolence Incorporation (FreeMuslim Association) wrote a letter to the world leaders at G20 summit. Parts of this letter read as follows:

The G20 summit will be held in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, on November 20. Nonviolence Incorporation sees this summit as an exceptional opening with respect to reformations in the world’s economy, politics, especially in the case of third world and developed countries.

This summit is held in unprecedented circumstances, with Covid-19 virus dominating human activities and imposing destructive consequences on countries and nations. The situation calls for a review of the nature of international economic policy, especially in relation to developed countries.

It is noteworthy that a number of countries suffer from heavy budget deficits and debts, and therefore the economic collapse of a region and the continent is not out of sight; if such conditions arise, it will undoubtedly have consequences, which will impose heavy costs on the international community to curb it.

In its letter, Nonviolence Incorporation emphasizes the importance of addressing and monitoring the crucial challenges of humanity that are tied to the fate of human society. According to this organization, the leaders of the countries participating in the summit, which are the driving force of the global economy and development, are given the moral, human, and legal responsibilities to keep humanity away from the deadly crises and disorders they live with.