Nonviolence Incorporation Expresses Worries over Political Unrest in Turkey

Nonviolence Incorporation published a statement to express its deep worries over the recent crackdown by the Turkish government against its dissidents. Here are some parts of this statement:

Nonviolence Incorporation (Freemuslim Association) has obtained documents indicating that the Turkish government systematically suppresses and detains Kurdish human rights activists who demand some political freedoms. Therefore, this organization emphasizes that these behaviors and actions in the long run, endanger national peace and security, and if the discourse based on democratic and peaceful understanding does not emerge, the country will face unrest. According to some media reports, Turkish authorities in the eastern province of Diyarbakir have launched arrests, detaining 74 people so far, including a number of lawyers, doctors and human rights activists. Nonviolence Incorporation (Freemuslim Association) emphasizes that this act of violence by the Turkish government signals the government’s failure to stand by its commitments to bring about the required political reforms. It should be noted that this process will show itself as a failure in the case of national reconciliation; while the need to act in order to resolve the social and political unrest in the country is urgently needed. Therefore, Nonviolence Incorporation (Freemuslim Association) calls on the Turkish government to release political detainees, in particular human rights activists, members of the press and other activists, as soon as possible and then to address political challenges in the path of dialogue and negotiations.