AhlulBayt Islamic Thought Center Organizes a Quranic Session at Shrine of Salman

AhlulBayt Islamic Thought Center, affiliated to the Grand Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi in Baghdad, the Capital of Iraq, organized a Quranic Session at the shrine of Salman Mohammadi, the loyal companion to God’s Messenger and Imam Ali, peace be upon them. This session was held in cooperation with the Management of Salman Mohammadi Shrine, also the Salman Center for Memorization and Interpretation of the Holy Quran, and the AhlulBayt Islamic Thought Center. Mr.Hassan Hadi, the president of the board of directors of the shrine of Salman Mohammadi was the first speaker in this gathering. Sheikh Salah Allami, the Director of AhlulBayt Islamic Thought Center also took to the podium and delivered a lecture.