Director of Annaba Cultural Institute Participates in Conference in Beirut.

Mr. Ali Al-Taliqani, the head of Annaba conferences as well as some members of this institute participated in a conference titled “The Lebanese position in the future of Syria and Iraq”, following an invitation by Baitul Mostaqbal Institute in Beirut, the country’s capital.

This conference was attended by the former Lebanese president, Amine Gemayel and it was co-organized by Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies, as well as several other Arab and western centers.

In an interview, Mr. Ali Taliqani explained: “The first meeting of the conference focused on the prospects of the Lebanese structure and its role in the countries of Syria and Iraq. The speakers of this conference were Dr. Antoine Maserah, a member of the Lebanese constitutional council, Dr. Hashem Dawud, a political anthropology researcher at the French National Center for Research on Iraq and Michel Kilo, one of the writers of the Damascus statement and founder of civil society revival in Syria.”

He then added: “The second meeting of this conference investigated the threats of Lebanon’s structure in view of the events in Syria and Iraq. The speakers of the second meeting were Dr. Hassan Manimnah, a researcher at the Middle East Institute in Washington and the first chairman of the Middle East Alternative as well as Samir Al-Atiya, a Syrian politician and head of Arab Economists Association and Dr. Wassiq Al-Hashimi, the president of Iraq’s Strategic Studies Center.

It is worth noting that Baitul Moqaddas Institute and Annaba Institute agreed on some joint programs in the future.