Shia Rights Watch Condemns the Terrorist Attack in Southern Pakistan

Shia Rights Watch condemns the heinous and merciless killing of a number of Shia miners in southern Pakistan, which took place on Sunday, January 3, 2021. In a message published by SRW, we read:

“whoever kills a soul, without [its being guilty of] manslaughter or corruption on the earth, is as though he had killed all mankind;”

Holy Quran [Chapter 5: Verse 32]

The south of Pakistan was the scene of a heinous and horrific terrorist crime that targeted defenseless and helpless Shia Muslim citizens; Shia Rights Watch Organization strongly condemns this attack and holds the international community responsible for the ongoing war of genocide that has targeted Shia Muslims in more than one part of the world. In a crime in southern Pakistan, a terrorist group in the city of Quetta, a city with a majority of Shia Muslims, attacked a coal mine and tortured and then shot dead the hostages at this mine. Eleven people, all of them coal miners, were targeted and killed in the terrorist attack, according to Pakistani human rights sources. Shia Muslims in Quetta, Pakistan, have been the target of a series of terrorist attacks, and the Pakistani government has been unable to support them; hundreds of defenseless and helpless people have been killed and abducted in the past years.