Nonviolence Incorporation Hails Abolition of Death Penalty in Kazakhstan

Nonviolence Incorporation (Freemuslim Association) published a statement hailing the abolition of death penalty in Kazakhstan. Parts of this statement read as follows:

Nonviolence Incorporation (Freemuslim Association) appreciates the decision of the President of Kazakhstan to abolish the death penalty, and considers it a right step towards the elimination of direct violence in this country.  The President of Kazakhstan, Mr.Qasem Jumart Tkayev, signed the abolition of death penalty act in 2003, but death sentences were still handed down in the country’s courts and in exceptional cases, including terrorist acts. It is worth mentioning that the International Organization for Human Rights and Political Rights declared their agenda to abolish death penalty in 1966, and this issue was implemented in 1976 and 173 countries accepted it. The Second Optional Protocol on the Abolition of the Death Penalty was adopted on December 15, 1989, and enforce in 1991, and was ratified by the Parliament of Kazakhstan on December 29. The organization emphasizes the need to provide action plans to reform those sentenced to life imprisonment and to help them return to society. It should be noted that despite the fact that it takes years to correct the bad beliefs of a terrorist, but the result is better and more useful for the convicted person and society.