Nonviolence Incorporation Requests UNHCR to Support Refugees in Bosnia

Nonviolence Incorporation (FreeMuslim association) published a statement, calling on the UNHCR to address the drastic live condition of refugees in Bihac City in Bosnia. Here comes this statement:

Nonviolence Incorporation (FreeMuslim association) calls on the UNHCR in particular and the international community in general to provide the refugees in the Bosnian town of Bihac with support and relief, given the dire conditions and arrival of the cold season. Considering the dangers faced by the refugees in this camp, all responsible bodies need to take urgent measures. It is worth mentioning that this organization has been informed through its reliable sources about the catastrophic situation of the refugees in this camp. These refugees are suffering from a bone-chilling cold, lack of fuel, lack of heating equipment and lack of proper bedding. Due to the extreme cold and the lack of support equipment, more than 2,500 residents of the camp are at risk of death, which requires immediate and effective action.