Offices Related to Grand Ayatollah Shirazi Organize Martyrdom Commemorations of Lady Fatemah Zahra

Offices and Islamic Centers affiliated to the Grand Shia Jurist Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq Shirazi in different parts of the world, held commemorations to remember the martyrdom anniversary of the noble daughter of the God’s Final Messenger, Lady Fatemah Zahra (Blessings of God be upon her).

On this occasion, the office of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in the holy Karbala hosted a mourning ceremony to commemorate the Fatemeyiah. It is worth mentioning that this office holds mourning ceremonies every week on Thursday evening, hosting groups of religious, social and cultural figures and the general believers and pilgrims of Imam Hussein (Blessings of God be upon him).

The office of the Grand Jurist in the city of Basra also held a commemoration ceremony on this occasion. This ceremony took place on Saturday, the 2nd of Jamadi Al-Thani this year, in the Husaynia of Lady Fatemah Masoumeh, peace be upon her. This ceremony was attended by a group of religious and cultural figures, including members of the Shia Societies Association.

Also, the office of Grand Jurist in the city of Mazar-e-Sharif for the second day witnessed the mourning ceremonies for the second day. These ceremonies are held on the occasion of the martyrdom of Lady Fatemah Zahra, peace be upon her, hosting a group of religious, cultural and social figures.

Islamic centers affiliated to the Grand Jurist around the world also remembered the days of the martyrdom of the daughter of the Holy Prophet of Islam by holding mourning ceremonies.

The Ahl al-Bayt (Blessings of God be upon them) Cultural-Charitable Institution held a mourning ceremony in Basra on the occasion of the Fatemeyiah Days and the passing anniversary of Ayatollah Sayyid Mohammad Redha Shirazi. In this ceremony, a group of representatives of the Grand Jurist and religious and tribal personalities were present, during which Sheikh Sajed Al-Abadi delivered a speech to the audience.

Rasul Adham Cultural-Charitable Institute in holy Kadhimiya also commemorated this occasion. This center hosted groups of Shia believers and lovers of AhlulBayt (Blessings of God be upon them) who listened to religious lectures and eulogies about the holy Ahlulbayt (as), on the 2nd of Jumada Thani.

Also, in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, the Sharifa Bint Al-Imam Al-Hassan Institute mourned the days of Fatemeyiah grief in a ceremony. The ceremony was attended by a group of Iraqi reciters and the public who listened to statements by Sayyid Rasul al-Husayni.

In the city of Mahajanga in Madagascar, the mourning ceremonies organized by the Shia believers at AhlulBayt center entered its tenth night. These ceremonies are held on the occasion of the martyrdom anniversary of Lady Fatemah Zahra (Blessings of God be upon her).