Imam Shirazi World Foundation Publishes Statement on the International Day of Education

Imam Shirazi World Foundation published a statement on January 24th, marking the International Day of Education. This statement reads as follows:

On this day, the world celebrates the 24th of January every year as the International Day of Education. All nations and governments are well aware that their liberation and prosperity can only be achieved through knowledge and education, and that ignorance is the destruction of nations and the graveyard of governments. Therefore, except for the path of knowledge, no way can guarantee dignity and rights in a conceivable and possible manner.

Imam Shirazi World Foundation, on this occasion, calls on all members of the Shiite community to think, plan and move to create a scientific movement among the youth and teenagers, and to do everything in their power to educate a capable, knowledgeable and dedicated generation. A generation that promotes the Shiite and Muslim nations and the whole human society regardless of the challenges ahead.